NSA Veteran, Karen Stewart

Faces Directed Energy Weapon Attacks, and Gangstalking, as Rogue NSA Agents Scale Up Domestic Terrorism

I'm being sadistically retaliated against for being a patriot, says Karen Stewart, as National Security Agency operatives unleash STASI-esque techniques to muzzle her voice.
[Florida, 5-21-16]: As you read this, Karen Stewart, ex-NSA employee, and now a targeted indvidiual for standing up for her rights, might be facing yet another wave of directed energy weapon (DEW) attacks while under constant electronic surveillance at her residence in Tallahassee. Or she might be under observation and harassment by a member of a gangstalking group out to hound her every day. 

This shadowy, deeply disturbing side of the National Security Agency was revealed to Karen when she took on NSA management for wrongful termination and discrimination in a lawsuit filed in 2010 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at Baltimore. It also fits in well with the rogue and unaccountable picture of the NSA, and especially its internal Security apparatus that many whistleblowers have seen and revealed in the recent past, including former NSA employee and whistleblowers, Russel Tice, Marc Novitsky, and most notably, Edward Snowden.

Karen Stewart was born in the late 1950s to an Air Force officer and his wife. After graduating in linguistics from Florida State University, she applied to the NSA as a linguist in 1982, where she worked for the next 28 years. She worked on intelligence reports and authored a critical series for Operation Iraqi Freedom revealing Russian countermeasures, a project that some believe saved the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. However, this report was unduly credited to a colleague who curried favors in the Weapons and Space directorate and managed to receive a promotion. Her firing and current ordeal is an offshoot of when Karen righteously complained and asked the Inspector General to investigate.

After her complaint of undue favors and credits bestowed on an undeserving colleague, between 2006-2009, the management at NSA slandered Karen’s image with accusations of paranoia and fictitious mental illnesses followed by threats of firing. After three years of stalking and harassment at her home in Columbia, MD, disguised as an ‘investigation’, she was fired in 2010 by the NSA, despite the EEOC’s order for no adverse action till its adjudication.

From 2010 onwards, she reported home break-ins, phone and internet bugging, vehicles parked near her home overnight on rotating shifts, and incidences of photo-stalking by suspicious men. The stalking attempts included tactics such as maligning her image and misinforming locals and neighbors to actively and passively snoop on and harass her, or recruiting paid informers and stalkers. Basically, "Zersetzung." In 2015, Electronic harassment and torture was added to this ordeal.

Karen today faces life threatening beams of high energy ultrasonic and microwave bursts directed at her from frequency based weapons that plague her around the clock. NSA agents have previously used DEW attacks during the Iraq war, and these are known to cause death from seizure and strokes, heart attacks and cancer. As this continues, the Leon County Sheriff's Department and the Tallahassee Police Department either ignore or deny their use.

Although NSA internally promotes fair play and the Federal ‘No Fear Act’, Karen reveals that the “real NSA Security was all about covering up the abuses of upper management.” This has included trading promotions for sexual favors and compromising managers with blackmail for such wrongdoings. 

Back in 2009 she approached Siobhan Gorman of the Wall Street Journal and was told how similar her story was to that of other whistleblowers being stalked by NSA security. The DEW attacks and electronic surveillance as well as gangstalking have been reported by thousands of American citizens over the last decade. With the increasing surveillance power and internal corruption in the NSA and other agencies, Karen rejects the suggestion that Edward Snowden should have gone through ‘proper internal authorities’, given that today they operate as rogue government agencies that are accountable to no one, while dealing out criminal assault and harassment to Americans who display integrity, ethics and patriotism.

As Karen and her lawyers struggle to get a response from the EEOC  she wonders whether “with each nocturnal assault, I or one of my family will not wake up tomorrow.”  

Read more about Karen's plight and activism at the Washington Blog. She can be reached via email at: karen.kams56[at]