Donate Naval Academy Graduate, David Voigts, is Walking Across the Nation to Create Public Awareness of ‘Targeted Individuals.’

Electromagnetic  Weapons Are Being Used To Torture And Subjugate Countless American Citizens...

Naval Academy Graduate, David Voigts, is Walking Across the Nation to Create Public Awareness of ‘Targeted Individuals.’

The walk will support targeted individuals facing round-the-clock harassment from gangstalking, electronic surveillance and directed energy weapon attacks.

[DELAWARE, 5/17/16]: Some of the most fundamental rights of American citizens are covertly under threat today with the rise of new surveillance methods and wireless directed energy devices. These are now being tested and weaponized on thousands of unsuspecting, non-consenting citizens, sometimes called “Targeted Individuals.” David Voigts, an ex-Navy officer and engineer, is on a walking mission to nip these secretive experiments in the bud before they continue to harm and destroy more lives.

Beginning in May, the ‘TI in America – Cross Country Walk’ will take David across the American Discovery Trail, starting at Cape Henlopen, Delaware and moving to California at the Limantour Beach on the Pacific coast, the entire trip lasting approximately 7-8 months.

Targeted Individuals’ are non-consensual human subjects who are used in illegal experiments and tests for human-machine interfaces, or harassed for the purposes of subjugation. This process is also used to prey upon the targets with directed energy weapons, electronic control and harassment, gangstalking and manipulative methods such as gaslighting. The most distressing aspect is that government agencies are using these methods for retaliatory, revengeful and silencing campaigns that involve torture, rape, abetment to suicide and public violence. This is not merely an American but a global concern, with thousands in the US and tens of thousands around the world reporting of being targeted. These acts are now well documented and corroborated.

The above may sound like science fiction, but is deeply rooted in the reality of warfare. The projects are a continuation of the work that formed the infamous MKULTRA subproject 119 of the CIA that ran until early 1970s. This ultra-secretive program explored ways to alter mental and brain states and used illegal methods such as sleep deprivation, drugging, isolation and abuse and even torture. The techniques and weapons employed on targeted individuals are an advanced form of the same agenda and practices.

David unearthed the truth of such experiments from first-hand knowledge of their operation and related illegal and unethical practices. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, he earned a degree in Control Systems Engineering and served in the Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets. He had studied prosthetics and brain-machine interface systems. The weapons being tested were nicknamed ‘Voice of God’, ‘Perception Warfare’, ‘No-Touch Torture’, and ‘Spiritual Warfare’. Luckily, he also focused on humanities courses where he studied the Soviet Gulag system and making ethical choices against group thinking, and listened to speeches given by POWs and holocaust survivors.

David soon became aware of the illegal aspects of such experimentation, and that the United States, including other nations, had a long history of involuntary or non-consensual human testing. Some of these are now publicly well known: the Tuskegee Experiment, the Atomic Radiation Experiments on children with developmental disabilities, and the testing of LSD on unwitting subjects under MKULTRA. He also analyzed the COINTELPRO program, which involved surveillance, infiltration, disruption and discrediting of political organizations. Finally, while investigating the issues, he himself became targeted and came under constant assault.

With no barriers in place, these cold-war era programs today continue under new agencies and budgets. Some victims are still under the legacy programs, and their horrendous applications are a form of domestic torture. Targeted individuals have reported harassment and intimidation, and physical and sexual torture around the clock through technology. They have complained of gangstalking and electronic harassment with ‘perception warfare’, ‘no-touch torture’ and COINTELPRO tactics. It is frightening that people around them know of such incidents and have even been co-opted in these harassment campaigns, often operated under the umbrella of front companies, such as defense contractor subsidiaries, and orchestrated by an alliance between criminal elements in the government and the power elite.

While the plight of targeted individuals has managed to reach public media, it has been downplayed with no actions course set in place. For David, it is a matter of his ethical responsibility as an ex-Navy officer and citizen to bring such crimes to public awareness and bring relief to the victims. These weapons are classified and meant only for use on enemy combatants in declared warzones abroad. It is illegal and unconstitutional to use them in one’s own country and against one’s own citizens for revenge and silencing campaigns.

David’s cross-country walk can be tracked online, and he posts his daily itinerary online. Enroute he distributes letters and cards and wears a backpack billboard with QR codes that link to web pages with more information on this issue and the trip. He has shared public outreach information on his Facebook and Wordpress blog. He also runs a Gofundme campaign which has collected $2,700 in three months. After the trip, he can be engaged for public speaking and writing on the issue.

If we want real change, we must stop the suffering of targeted individuals. By raising public awareness and bringing witnesses from both sides, testimony and legal opinion, we can help the victims and put an end to these criminal programs.

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