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Dr. Terence Robertson on Targeted Individuals, DEW, Gang Stalking, and the Monarch Program

So far I've been talking about traditional electromagnetic frequency research I want to talk about some of the things that have been mentioned that are not mentioned and are not generally accepted in the public yet is truly being in existence I've mentioned Eldon Byrd a few times and Eldon bird died several years ago he's a former chief medical officer for the US Navy he was involved in their non-lethal weapons research he was a member of the U.S. Psychotronics Association by r-d he appeared at the the [sic] mind-control conferences that Mary Ann Stratton put on in 2000, 2001, 2002.

I've gotten several of the videos from Mary Ann so that I could research them Eldon Byrd is a man that knows a lot. He died from cancer not too long ago. [He] died from pancreatic cancer in 1980 to 1981. He worked with Ross ad who was somebody that worked down to Loma Linda University researching the Russian leader machine the effect of microwaves and radio frequencies on calcium influx and that's what's believed to be a lot of the effect of what these radio frequencies causes.

They work on your calcium channels, but he worked with Ross ad and Elizabeth Rosher on the ability to entrain human brains at a distance and he said we accomplished it 1980.

His project went dark after that it was taken away from him, he had it confirmed from a Senator Senator [sic] Pell confirmed for him that his project went dark.  The things that I would recommend, and this is kind of off topic here these energies are known to cause an increase in free radicals. Free radicals are known to cause cancer.

If you take antioxidants, they will help to decrease the amount of free radicals that you have. I recommend to everybody that you take vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium. I recommend that you exercise regularly and that you eat healthy you know here in our country we are taught traditional medicine we're taught you have a problem it's something with the organ is with the receptor you give them a drug that makes it better not realizing that every receptor causes an electrochemical reaction or not focusing on that we know that Eastern medicine has long focused on viewing the body and the spirit as an electrochemical being I don't rule anything I think there's probably something to healing frequencies anyway back to Dr. Byrd I got a copy of the DVD from Mary Ann there's not many going around I strongly recommend that you guys listen to Dr. Byrd if you go back into the go to the freedom website there's a weekly newsletter that's put out and I believe it was back in June or July Mary Ann had mailed in a copy of the voice the audio program from this DVD and you can listen to his entire lecture on there this is a smart man.

He's talking about stuff that's way over my head but I'm going to talk a little bit about what he mentions is he talks about there's some things that may be going on that we don't that traditional science doesn't understand yet anyway I'm going to read this quote from him says that technology exists to induce sound into the brain at a distance monitor and alter brain waves at a distance alter behavior at a distance induce images into the brain can target organs can disrupt the calcium ions binding on individual cell surfaces at a distance creating pain and other effects that we have moved beyond the realm of the electromagnetic spectrum into the realm of hyperspace scalar energy and quantum mechanics this is something I don't understand well and it's an evolving science there are energies that work at a subatomic level okay.

Tom Bearden if you want research go look at Tom Bearden stuff you talk about this to most people there say it's it's [sic] never been admitted to be true that's probably because it's being kept hidden and I'll allude to more of that later anyway he goes on to say we have demonstrated the ability of cluster and magnetic fields to alter DNA and to control biochemical processes mind control technology exists without a question that's Dr. Burt he's talking about the ability to use frequencies to alter your DNA to induce tumors to target specific organs if you look at the research that was done with radiation frequencies believes the University of Utah back in 1989 produced the radiation dosimetry Handbook your body in addition to being an electromagnetic organism is a vibratory organism your body vibrates everything vibrates to understand the concept of resonance we've all seen the opera singer that hits that certain note breaks the glass that's because her pitch is vibrating is the same pitch that the glasses they work together and except xu8 each other the vibration becomes too much the glass breaks.

Each organ of your body vibrates at an individual frequency those frequencies are now known there in the radiation dosimetry handbook if we're able to direct a frequency at your body that vibrates it the same frequency as an organ what do you think should happen nothing good doctor bird also stated that the Marines and this is from a psychotronics association lecture and supposedly that lectures available if you go to their site it's from the 2000 US psychotronics association lecture the Marines have been shown that images can be projected into the brain from a distance so we're training our soldiers that this happens now they may know any former Marines ok he also specifically stated he said that a squid magnetometer can detect these unusual frequencies that are being directed at individuals now we've got magnetic cephalo grams [sic “electromagneticencephalograms”] which are very huge large machines that are a step above MRIs but they're stationary there's very few places around the country that happen the one thing that he also stated that I'm sure I guess it can't be validated but he says according to him and he also worked for NASA.

NASA gave law enforcement the access to voice induction technology so law enforcement is able to use this to harass who they want to her to get information these are information acquiring weapons if we're able to get your EEG decode your thought patterns we know what you're thinking you think there's corporations out there that wouldn't want this technology to use it other competitors this organization FF CHS has we've researched a lot of private investigators people that claim to be able to detect radio frequencies find chips scans things of that nature one of the people that I have personally talked with and I've talked with him about some of his results and I'm not going to mention him by name he wouldn't come here he said I don't want to talk to somebody as a group reason being is that since he became involved with helping people in the freedom group he said on one of my stakeouts my men were assaulted and threatened and told if they kept up they will be killed and he's come up with some interesting things this is somebody that's that has 22 years of experience with this he's got an international corporation he said the bulk of the the [sic] stuff that he was doing was over in Asia because this type of technology was being used for corporate espionage he said we were able to track and triangulate frequencies figure out where they were coming from.

We've used it successfully in prosecution I thought this sounded like a pretty good guy for us to use he doesn't come cheap I'll tell you that couple people have used it and the results of what he said from the first person or one of the first people he worked with was we've never seen results like this before we've got radio frequencies coming in that should not be there they're coming from multiple directions and multiple frequencies they're multi-directional and they don't know me they can't triangulate it because it's coming from her he said we don't know if these are you know they're putting some frequencies in there to disguise the other ones or if this is something new and then after that initial experience he said I've had to come up with several people now he said I've got my own researchers figuring out how to do this I haven't met this guy personally I've talked with him multiple multiple [sic] times I may have a meeting with him sometime the not-too-distant future I find him to be credible he's at least been willing to keep an open line of communication with me he at this point he is he's gun-shy one of the other investigators there was an investigator by the name of Ron Rhodes and Marx Osman that appeared at all three of Marion's Stratton's conferences.

They were based out of Long Beach California they had a investigative agency called spectrum intelligence international network and Ron also has lectures that are available Ron specifically in states that he believes scalar waves are being used because scalars he said you cannot triangulate them he said we could detect them but we can't figure out where they're coming from and you got to remember the scalar waves work at a subatomic level they go to the very core of what you are a scalar way from my understanding most waves if you look at a way for them they are sinusoidal electronic waveforms are sinusoidal a microwave has a square front so instead of like this it is like this it is that square front that allows it to penetrate tissue a scalar way from my understanding is longitudinal it is flat my understanding is that scalars can exist in two places at the same time it can exist on the other side of the world the same time they exist here I don't know that enough about them it's it's [sic] the merging world of new physics quantum mechanics like I said physics was not my strong point I was a biology major okay.

I find this stuff interesting but this may be the clue to what we're dealing with here okay we have to consider that if they're gonna [sic] explore everything else don't we think they want to explore and do physics I think they would so is anybody not convinced that we've been researching this stuff anybody not convinced that we've done experimentation without people's consent in the past you people here in San Francisco know they dropped anthrax over your city in this into 50s don'tcha  [sic] they dropped cadmium over Canada same time they even released mosquitoes in Georgia that had dengue fever Peter what I'm hearing and I want to try to put this in context because when we did the study that Cheryl funded us for four years ago and it's on our website documented the auditory the weapon systems the history can fail for the whole men just laid out the nice black paper my thoughts about it sense for the last four years are okay who gets targeted and why is there a commonality and can get to leave it you know thinking that that was a step to take next if we could find that but I was hearing is that maybe partly is experimental partly it could just be random people collected or I also hear 50 people who are targeted for political reasons the technologies are there and there's a variety of different things that that can happen and then above about various camps of affordable so the same thing happened with the 911 groups they kept saying back who was the word thing and so we did some research a few years ago started to put some parameters on day and the neocons in a particular that the Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman and those companies have yet almost all of their financing from the government but there's an interlock they're very tight so when we were looking at electromagnetic weapons and the conference's that they were having there's Lockheed Martin airs Northrop Grumman there's SAIC participating in a very open way Voss is all secret but we can see the agendas trans lethality of electromagnetic weapons that you know these was a thing discussed over the private.

So I think again what we're thinking about who who [sic] is back that has these capabilities and I would imagine that there's probably some pretty good overlap with where we the parameters we put in both sets of 911 and you know the power elite trance you know transnational corporate elite and the Asians that work for them both public and private how would you I would agree out that I again this is speculation but if you look at what's gone on the last decade and I mean I'm going to cover exactly who the targets are that's a good segue I'm glad you brought that up yeah well the mitts mostly random it there's there's  [sic] some some [sic] commonalities but it's mostly random you know we now live in a world in our country were look how much money is into the security business now intelligence it has grown into a multi multi-billion dollar industry since 9/11 there's a lot of money to be made by developing these technologies they're probably all trying to one-up each other testing on whoever that's art one of our biggest question is who's got access to these technologies it's probably not just military is military going to go about just using this on citizens picking them at random corporations you know ex-military X intelligence that has access to it people in civilian law enforcement.

It probably covers the whole gamut they would have to almost you if you think about it forever so you're sure defining the parameters one of the problems too that I've gotten close ties with organization there's been such a revolving door in the intelligence community as far as people being trained to the NSA that's the area of national clandestine service and then taking jobs with pride intelligence covers I mean you'll have people in this especially within the CIA that for you know ten years their employee the CIA they get on to the private company Booz Allen Hamilton CAC is a CI man tech you know or some of these organizations a week later they're veteran CIA officers on doing the same job making pretty constant pay you know there are 800,000 people in this country now they're private citizens with top secret the government would have access to this technology some of them I would imagine okay some point is Igor Smirnov  [sic] technology after he passed away his wife started looking for North American investors in his technology she went to Canada first actually about Alicia the John Alexander's come meet Saitec [sic] if the technology wound up being bought by man tech which is based out of San Antonio Texas and has nothing but private surveillance and intelligence contracts with the US government well I do believe that SciTech SciTech [sic] supposedly bought the the [sic] rights to Smirnoff's technology as well and for that they bought okay the fact of the matter is its bought by a it's bought by a non-governmental independent company but I was going to say…

I'm going to go over the demographics and FF CHS has over a thousand members now there's a Community Survey profile that's done that kind of gathers some basic data and that's what I'm gonna [sic] go over now. Who are the people that are responding to this who are the targets a year ago?

We had four hundred and sixteen people that responded and there were about six hundred people that were dues-paying members of FF CHS now it's about a thousand and there's 775 respondents what I got from looking at the new data compared to the data from a year ago it's the data is almost doubled in size the percentages haven't changed any so what that tells me if the data is consistent it's accurate and it's reproducible the people that are reporting being targeted have the same demographic profile they're reporting the same things occurring to them okay just FYI California now I guess there's a hundred and nine people that from California they belong to the group anyway average age eight percent of the people are under thirty twenty one percent less than forty most of the people are age 40 or over 60 percent over age 40 so the average person is over age 40 all right overall 70 percent over 40 last year was about 80 percent were 40 so it changes just briefly 60 percent or females 60 that has not changed here's what's interesting 84 percent of these people are single divorced or separated 40 percent never married individuals are easy targets they live by themselves it's easy to isolate them we know about the torture tactics they use in Guantanamo you put people in solitary you isolate them people who have reported they have poor poor [sic] support systems not a lot of family around a lot of friends once you start dealing with this stuff you got less friends hanging around okay because they all think you're nuts especially if you say anything to him 76 percent or Caucasian 76 here's a realtor string1 education level this is an educated group of people ninety percent graduated high school fifty percent have graduated college or have a postgraduate degree fourteen percent have a master's or doctoral degree I didn't think much about that I went and looked at that in 2006.

The American Community Survey said that our nation has a 27% college graduation and 10% our graduates are professionals fifty percent of the people in this group are college graduates 15 versus 10 our doctors or post graduates this is an intelligent educated group let's go after smart people with poor family structure systems that are alone okay now here's something else out of this highly educated group sixty percent are unemployed they don't have finances to fight back with now whether or not that's a result whether or not they became unemployed afterwards or before I don't know I've come up with a new survey that I'll get into that later okay of the people that are employed that 40% 60% have professional jobs only 40% are unskilled or trade labor these are the people that are highly functioning and dealing with this stuff okay as far as where California is number two New York is number one California Texas New York's 22 percent of the the [sic] group California 16 Florida six percent Texas is five and then the only other two above three percent are Connecticut in Arizona the thousand people that I'm get are people that have actually paid dues to be a member of the organization and it's a nominal doofy it's like fifteen dollars a year I think I'll talk more in a bit here about why we need more people here's a I label this next one is who's not helping one of the things they did was they asked have you ever gone to the police the FBI or your state representative and the 60 percent reported to the police 45 percent of the FBI forty-five percent to their state representatives of the people that directly helped out of that it's less than 10 percent said I'll actually help you most of them are furtive on ignore them the interesting thing how many of them referred him for psychological evaluation you're going to walk into the cop station telling them you're hearing voices in your neighbors beaming directive energy weapons at you or whatever you think it is that's the common thing we hear because everybody thinks it has to be going on next door it's probably not this is a psychological game okay it's a very well orchestrated psychological game

The FBI and the representatives are so much nicer only about 12 to 15 percent of the time today refer you for psychological evaluation local law enforcement 42 percent you had a 50/50 shot of getting involuntary committed if you go into the cops that's what that's the code here it yeah 5150 yeah well the thing I think that is probably due to the way that the law enforcement is educated that's what they're trained to do you get somebody that's nuts coming in here your firm and probably I'll go back here I was talking this morning with Ken our retired law enforcement agent and I said I went back and looked through one of my psychiatric diagnosis handbooks at Goodman and goos [sic] from like 1993 for my two-month psychiatry rotation that I did so I'm no psychiatry expert right in there on almost word-for-word it says in there if you're complaining of being stalked of the government sending voices into your head you know it's almost like somebody read the script out of there that you're delusional or schizophrenic the thing that I will tell you schizophrenia typical age of onset is teenager to early 20s like I said this is a group of people that's over forty years of age for the most part I think we all had issues with the way that the dsm-4 criteria are made and used in this country that's something that needs to be addressed and that's one of one of my missions and John's mission is one can we get to the point where we can approach the medical community the psychiatric community with enough evidence to say look you've got to start considering something else besides just labeling people and putting them on medications you know 90% of the people complain of organized stalking you know being followed community-based harassment computer tampering email interference appliance tampering electronic failures 68 percent of the people become estranged after this starts estranged from family and friends furthers their isolation okay the 85% complaint of what they labeled directed-energy weapons assaults the basically complaining of the physical symptoms of sleep deprivation induced sleep we talked about that okay feeling hot spots on the body feeling in shocks or electrical currents running through your body irregular heart rates 23% complained of blackouts the 25% had burn marks on their body they talked about dream manipulation having thoughts induced 52 percent have memory loss or declining cognitive functions and that is known that that's goes along with the microwave sickness declining neurocognitive function the other thing that they learned went back when they did those studies on the U.S. embassy.

hen they were just observing our people over there is that these are cumulative effects that occur over times it can take up to 10 years before some of these symptoms will start manifesting some of the physical symptoms from chronic EMF exposure one of the things that I do want to focus on that just jumped off the page at me as far as physical symptoms was the occurrence of tinnitus or ear ringing a lot of people complain of that the previous study showed that 79 percent of the people in this group complained of their ears ringing now it's down to 74 so I'm like that sounds like a lot so I went Dillo research the average prevalence of tinnitus in the general population is between 5 and 20 percent we've got a four-time higher rate in this group something's going on with this group that they're suffering ear ringing males tend to get it more than females and that's overall not not [sic] in this group there's different things that cause tinnitus most of it's subjective with subjective tinnitus only you hear it of tinnitus you go in the physician can identify it can hear it those are usually from vascular tumors things of that nature there are other causes of tinnitus one of the things that does cause tinnitus I'm not going to get into the whole medical list of it here if it's known to be subjective it's usually perceived as being a ringing high-pitched humming whistling if it's vascular it's usually more of a pulsing drawing whoosh whoosh whoosh [sic] if you've ever had a cold and you get clogged up a lot of times you're here your pulse in your ear that's vascular Titus is known to occur with chronic EMF and radio frequency exposures you look at the survey data we've identified a few things here this is a unique group single not married educated out of work okay this is our target profile this is who we're going after all right there's some things that are not in this survey.

We need a lot of refinements like I said were these people unemployed before after what asked the thing that gets me nowhere in this survey did we ask if anybody is subjected to what are known as voice induction technologies they are known as voice data image induction that is the technical term for it doesn't talk anything about that in the survey that needs to be addressed so what do I want to do I mean one of the things that I'd like to get feedback here you know what can we do we've got an organization here with a thousand people in it that we can collect data from a thousand people that can contact other people what can we do with this organization and that's where I want suggestions you know some of the things you know I think we need to collect more data from them we need to refine some of this data specifically I want medical data I want complete medical histories on this people I want to start following these people and see whether they're developing problems down the road you know biggest problems I see with this group or getting these people like we said 60% are unemployed they're given 15 bucks a year to an organization to try to help them they all know you don't get very far in this country especially taking on these people without money how do we raise funding how do we raise public awareness the FFC SH group's thinking about doing billboards we've got a few supporters some of them are in the LA area starting to put up billboards to make awareness known funding drive okay we need media support like I said every one of these other illegal experiments harassment programs how did we find out about him an investigative reporter reported on it well then we'll get started I am Dr. John Hall an anesthesiologist and a chronic pain management doctor from San Antonio Texas a lot of people asked me in your medical specialty what brought you into this arena to be combatting this problem was engaged to a girl who was victimized using this technology mainly the three thigh guess the three tenants that we're really talking about or stalking also referred to as gang stalking I call it organized stalking because gang stalking gives a lot of people the notion that it's guys in black jackets and you know wearing colors it's not really that it's a it's a very pervasive form of organized stalking where the person has followed their homes broken into things are tampered with usually not stolen so that people don't get a burglary charge Street Theater where people walk around you talking people that don't know you walking up to you mentioning things about you that they wouldn't know unless they did know you combination that with what I call audio harassment which can be a voice to skull hearing voices in your head usually starts with tinnitus or ringing in the ears then progresses to voices or hearing voices in your surroundings by that I mean still frequency specific to the individual but hearing voices in vibrations ceiling fans running water vent fans trees anything that will vibrate and finish carrying the sound and it is distinctly different from what most people term voice to skull or the voices that you hear in your head third thing usually while you're being audio harass being attacked with directed-energy weapons that will either cause twitching of the muscles complete spasm of the muscles even spasms of the whole body changes in heart rate severe heartburn severe headaches eye burning and blurred vision are just some of the more common ones I've had people correspondent me they're having burning of the feet burning of various parts of the body the genitalia rectal burning very obviously reported is coming from the outside wrote a book on my experiences.

I experienced with my fiancé it's called a new breed satellite terrorism in America there is a lot of disagreement on exactly what the modalities are what the mode of delivery of this is I know there are are [sic] certain groups that are fighting this there's a several big groups of victims advocacy groups and some of them disagree with whether or not this is satellite the mode of delivery really is not not [sic] a big issue the fact that it's going on and that we need to document that it's going on is more of the the  fact the reason I titled the book satellite terrorism in America I do have contacts within some government agencies I talked to current FBI agents and current CIA agents to verify the technology when it started having to make fiancée and some other people in San Antonio they did basically let me know that yes we do know how the technology in our satellite surveillance systems to see you indoors using x-ray imaging or forward-looking infrared imaging and that there is a directed-energy platform on the satellite system the weapons they mentioned were ultrasound microwave laser and particle beam most of those were actually meant to perturb electronic systems in a defense strategy you would attack electronic equipment with these to make the electronic equipment go bad shut down the radar things like that.

They can also be used to attack personnel and that's what we started seeing with my ex-fiancé and other people in San Antonio burning sometimes to the point of leaving marks usually not which is what lends to the problem when you actually go seek a medical help when you tell them you're being burned all over and you're having muscle twitching and you're hearing voices the first thing you usually get is a referral to a psychiatrist who is not going to listen to you who's not going to look into the research that has been done and there is legitimate research on most of this technology that can be dug up they don't want to hear it if you're hearing voices that they can't hear if you're above the age the cutoff to be diagnosed as schizophrenic you'll be diagnosed with delusional disorder persecutory delusional disorder is what we most frequently see in San Antonio we did target the people who are doing this taunting which is what I recommend to the most of the people who contact me on my website don't try to go into the police and convince them of the surveillance technology they're not going to know about it this is not something that filters its way down usually to the cops on the street it probably does need a filter it's way down to the psychiatrist and various communities that you're actually going to see at the top echelon the people they do know about it American Academy of psychiatrics was behind MKULTRA in case search blue bird and a lot of other mind-control technologies they do know at the top but the guy you get referred to that's going to actually give you a damning diagnosis probably isn't part of it and probably doesn't know much about the technology has been my experience in talking to other physicians we did trace our problem with San Antonio back to a private investigative agency that's owned by a former FBI agent and his son is a retired lieutenant colonel with the Department of Defense.

They hired nothing but their own relatives that work for him they were the ones doing the stalking we followed them back to the places that they do this from kind of did our own casework on them most of this is being done from behind the computer with a headset at least from what I could see now I know there are advocacy groups out there that say no this is being done with handheld weapons you know by your neighbor or by somebody in the apartment next to you well that is possible there are some manufacturers of handheld weapons they would be hard to get ahold of for some in the civilian sector unless you're doing like what Eleanor White has on her website taking the door off a microwave and putting a funnel in it and using microwave energy to do it that's going to be a scattered form of beam and not be able to be directed directly out of person as a rule this is very physiologically specific when the attacks occurred that's why once I saw my ex-fiance and other people in San Antonio being attacked it was very evident that the attacks were anatomically correct the only way that can happen is to have some x-ray imaging or FLIR imaging where you're seeing the person and signe areas where you're attacking with x-ray imaging physiologic attack would be very easy you can direct the directed-energy weapons you know at the jaws at the nose at the eyes at the genitals bony protuberances where there's not much tissue over bone.

Most of the pain you experience from directed-energy attack is from the nerve endings that are in the periosteum of the covering of the bone or soft tissue mucous membranes that's why the blurred vision the nose bleeds things like that are real easy to do muscle twitching that's very rhythmical you can tell the impulse is coming from the outside I mean it won't be uncommon to see people you know you can see they're being attacked and it's a rhythmical type of twitching we followed the people back found out where they're doing it from in my case she was being drugged rohypnol and being raped we hid voice-activated digital recorders in the condo we did catch them breaking in after she was in a drug state she's screaming at the people that entered the condo you can hear on the recording three male voices and one female voice they're digging through her condo to find the voice-activated recorders at which they initially did find you can hear the voices right up next to the microphone saying I found it how do I shut it off a male voice told the girl that found it just hit some buttons until it shuts off but they didn't know how to erase it apparently luckily most of my patients are SAPD including the lieutenant in charge of the Sex Crimes Unit.

We took the voice-activated recorders to him with their plate numbers with their identities not have enough recall to bring prosecution for rape we did stop the stalking and that's why most of the victims I tell them get your plate numbers if you're being stalked you're being broken into do the same thing set up digital audio voice-activated recorders get strong evidence of the breaking and entering in the stalking because the police will work with you on stalking they will not work with you on stalking if you tell them I'm being stalked and I'm hearing voices and I'm being attacked with weapons I can't see because at that point they're going to write you off as mentally ill which is what the perpetrators want because once you've got that listing with the police the second and third call when you do call even if they're in your home physically to do something to you you're already blacklisted and when it comes through the dispatch they're going to say well that's the crazy person and you know it's not happening and they probably won't send somebody out there has been instances where these people have actually broken in while the victim is aware San Antonio there's three to three other couples and several single women that are being victimized by the same former FBI guy running a PI group now.

One of them was lured to San Antonio from New York City she was told online by someone that got on one of the victims advocacy websites that she could come to San Antonio there was affordable housing and none of this was happening in San Antonio that she'd be safe in San Antonio they put her up in a seedy apartment complex she's being drugged with rohypnol and raped on a daily basis and used as a sex slave her friends and family got a hold of me to find her I did find her we've got her actually in a rape crisis center course that people can watch her now but they they definitely got her down there and had her in a state where she couldn't help herself they'd be the PI group she did they changed their last names but all of the first names they were still using were the same so I've got her in touch with SAPD to try to get some work done with that the reason for the meeting today was from people to see that this is really going on the technological advancements that they've made and directed energy and radio frequency weapons is amazing I think the mode of delivery is mostly coming from satellite possibly HAARP.

I know Dr. Nick Begich has written some books on HAARP from what I know about HAARP I don't see how HAARP can be used to be directed so specifically at a bunch of multiple individuals but I'll be the first admit I don't know a lot about HAARP satellite on the other hand it does have the ability to to [sic] direct itself or be directed at multiple individuals simultaneously this is now happening in every single state I know there's Cheryl Welch's mine justice there's freedom from covert harassment and surveillance and harassment there's several other advocacy groups all of these groups now have I think freedom has six or six hundred seven hundred numbers yeah thousand I don't know how many Cheryl has I personally correspond it with probably over a thousand victims now the only place that we're not seeing the full template the stalking the voices and the attacks believe it or not are in like the Dakotas in the sparsely populated regions most of those victims are complaining of just directed energy attack and just audio harassment they're not experiencing much talking and I think that's a secondary to basically being states where there's a limited population and they just don't have the boots on the ground to actually do the rest of the the [sic] template the stalking the breaking-and-entering the stalking the appliance tampering I think is COINTELPRO I think that's strictly psychological operations almost every victim will complain that people have broken into their houses and taken apart the refrigerator taken apart their stove and taken apart their microwave I've heard it from a lot of victims and I've seen it with every single case in San Antonio including our own to be on the safe side.

I have friends that RPI's down there we brought them in we did the basic scans for cameras microphones things like that the taking apart of the appliances and the messing around in your home are strictly to put you in a victim mind state they're usually not burying any surveillance equipment that's low tech our equipment that you can find in my case one of the girls in San Antonio was a girl who did my billing we did find a camera hidden in a hollow door in her bedroom so far that's the only one we found and she actually found that incidentally because the battery came loose and she noticed something shaking in her door and it was in a closet door that faced the bed at her place there always was somebody sitting outside her house in a car it was very obviously radio frequency and they had to have somebody out there with a receiver to pick it up most of those unless you're using a internet-based camera most of those are going to have a range where you have to have somebody within the area the guy that was sitting outside her house was the son of the former at the I guy that's one of the co-owners of the P.I group.

He is a retired lieutenant colonel with the Department of Defense San Antonio is a little bit unique that a lot of these people have access to these weapons in this technology we've got three NSA bases in San Antonio one cryptology Center and Brooks City Base where all of this research is done for the armed services on directed-energy I have a feeling that these people either still had clearances and are able to access it I think their networking it out to other states because every victim regardless of circumstance has the same template going on when you talk to the victims everybody will have a different scenario though so will my scenario is a little different in that I'm having this or I'm having this when you break it right down to the modality or the methods of attack it's exactly the same in just about every case the stalking is the same the breaking and entering the same the attacks are for the most part of saying which tells me it's either being done with a template somebody's being these people are being given access to the technology and being given a handbook on how to use it or they're all networking together now that I've seen what happened with this girl in New York City that was lured down to San Antonio.

I think it's probably networking someplace somewhere was the original people who actually got their hands on this technology we know that the government usually does this type of experimentation an agency sterile fashion so it's not traceable directly back to government agencies in MKULTRA they used front companies most of the people that I've dealt with there's a law firm or a private investigative agency somewhere in the mix you know especially in yours most big law law [sic] firms used pis [sic] to do their dirty work the same with the group that I wrote about in San Antonio they worked for a very big medical malpractice firm in San Antonio Texas so I think that's why we're seeing the same template from state to state I don't know of one state that doesn't have at least two or three victims that's also smart on the perpetrators part because I think if one community psychiatrist all of a sudden had 20 people from one city come in voicing these complaints even they would see it as something other than mental illness you know whether they saw it is environmental exposure to something that's causing the symptoms they may not necessarily see it as attack but they would see it as a different causative agent other than organic illness but when you have two or three victims in every major city or every city coming forward and not one single mental health professional seeing a multitude of people with these complaints it's easy for each city to have a handful of people that are being diagnosed as delusional or schizophrenic rather than one mental health professional say you know what I've got ten [sic] people in here they're all hearing voices are all being attacked with something and they're all being stalked and it's very important to really focus on the stalking and the breaking-and-entering that is going to be what actually gets us to the bottom of this and get us to identify which groups are actually doing this in each city because going to the police are not obviously not going to help at least not until there's hard enough evidence where they can actually get into someone's house find the computers that they're using and go from there and that's why it's going to be very important to focus on the stalking.

I know that's hard to do the victims say but I have all this other stuff going on you're not going to make them believe it they're certainly not going to make a psychiatrist believe it until we can find out a way which is the goals of this meeting especially with Peter and some of the academic people to get some literature within the psychiatric community to show them that the technology does now exist to put voices in your head if you look at the addendum to the bio effects of non-lethal weapons that actually came out in 96 the army stated it is clear as day in that their research we now have the ability to put voices in someone's head imagine the incapacitating effects on an enemy combatant when they hear voices in their head they're not their own and they go on to talk about its value in a hostage situation where they can communicate with the hostages without the ha'nted [sic] taker hearing they also go on to say that it's not recordable even with the microphones in the ear on the scalp that you cannot record the voices that are being transmitted inside the head so the data is out there it's just a matter of putting the correct data in the correct format by credible people in front of the psychiatric community to get them to say when people come to tell you they're hearing voices and they're being stalked look for another cause besides mental illness before you give someone a damning diagnosis.

That's why we're here to get some other people's views on this to try to work together those of us that have some credibility to force this into an educational system for psychiatrist educate the public if you know what this is the minute it starts happening to you you know not to run to your doctor who's going to send you to a psychiatrist you know the right things to say to the police what's happening is when it first starts happening people are so messed up that they end up presenting themselves in a wrong way some of that I think is when you're first attacked by this we have anecdotal evidence to show that dopamine levels actually increase the brain when you're initially intact increased dopamine will give you a schizophrenic type of appearance matter of fact excess dopamine was called in the dopamine theory of schizophrenia for years they found that schizophrenia was caused by excess dopamine all other drugs we treat schizophrenia with lower dopamine levels over time as your dopamine receptors down regulate the initial paranoia of these attacks slowly subsides and you kind of regain a normal life but I have sat with victims that are a week a month into being attacked and one case in point was a young man in San Antonio Texas I sat outside of the Starbucks talking to him every car that drove by was part of it every person that sat around us was part of it everybody that walked by with a cup of coffee was part of it and listening to what we were saying he had dark circles under his eyes he was very hyper vigilant and that is a function of increased dopamine.

I've talked to Dr. Robert Duncan who used to be with Dartmouth who's done a lot of research on this technology he agrees with that too that's one of the reasons we're trying our best to get through freedom from covert surveillance and harassment some urine testing and some surveys through where we can actually box ship vials to the individuals get their urine if we can show in 600 people that everybody has increased dopamine levels especially the people that are under active attack that'll go a long way as far as having some hard evidence that we can go in front of Congress with that almost has to be one of the factors that's causing the the [sic] initial appearance of some of these victims and every single one of them I've talked to during their initial attacks has that paranoid schizophrenic look in their eye and I think it's a result that increased dopamine.

So that's kind of where we're headed Teri's worked on an extensive survey to break down statistically exactly what the attacks are doing and so we can have percentages and graphs in front of us lab testing to check for neurotransmitter levels specifically dopamine but there are those of us in the medical community to do believe this or have experienced in work we're doing our best to try to get this on track but we're going to have to we're going to have to find some credible ways to do it in looking at this from a physician there's only two reasons to victimize somebody for a decade and most of these victims have been victimized for a decade or more well medically the only studies that go on for a decade or behavioral studies and cancer studies and that's to see how long it takes before you can someone their job cost them on their family and friends and totally decimate them or attack them long enough to make sure that this isn't going to cause some weird cancer and everybody the quickest way that would bring this to an end is if all of a sudden 20 people show up with some weird leukemia or some weird brain tumor that's not usually seen with any frequency in the population all showing up at one area with the same cancer well then the CDC and you know people are going to take notice of that that something's causing it especially if they're planning on using this globally to control everyone.

They're going to need to know well in 10 years is it going to cause leukemia in 15 years is it going to cause you know some type of a sarcoma that's looking at it from a medical standpoint as the owner because you can decimate somebody's life in six months with this technology you can have their job have the money out of their account have them diagnosed as delusional within a six month period.