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Bill Taylor Interview

Chief Investigator of the Karen Silkwood Targeted Individual case (see Youtube below), the Iran Contra and 3-Mile Island investigations, and before that, the Marine investigator who exposed and helped end the infamous Phoenix Program in Vietnam, among other major investigations he has led and leads, Bill Taylor's cases have been depicted in books such as Who Killed Karen Silkwood?The Phoenix Program and The Great American Mail Fraud Trial.

Among a wide range of investigatory, advisory and security consulting services, Taylor's agency, The William J, Taylor Agency that operates out of a few locations in the U.S., also investigates Targeted Individuals' reports. These reports seem to the causal observer influenced by TV that has blacked-out this program, too bizarre to be real. In these cases, however, Taylor uncovers sophisticated surveillance equipment and other remote energy weapons assaulting the targets, defenseless against such technology.

“These are the finest of Americans. Most of the greatest people are being hurt the most,” were among Taylor’s first words during the interview with him.

Targeted Individuals are subjected to the shocking program used to spy, harass and torture the implanted victim through remote electroshock, burning of skin near postulated implant sites, radio broadcast voices into the skull involving insults and influences for self- destruction for up to twenty- four hours a day plus sexual harassment while the victim is at home, at work or elsewhere.

For fifty years, Taylor has been on the front lines of America’s secret under-belly where Nazi human experimentation, torture and energy weapons are applied to American targets to control and kill them through slow-kill or fast-kill means. For the past thirty years as a human rights defender, Taylor has had the professional background and technology to prove remotely applied technological cruel and unusual punishment used in the program to silence whistleblowers, other dissenters and others, mainly ordinary citizens but also some very high-profile persons.

“I started working for the Secret Service and FBI when I was 16 in Cape Canaveral,” Taylor said. “My neighbor was an undercover FBI agent, and they needed a young person to go into bars to get served alcohol so they could shut those bars down.

“In those days, so many Nazi scientists worked out of Cape Canaveral,” he said, referring to Operation Paperclip. “People thought of that area as having many rocket scientists but they had no idea how much human experimenting was going on there. That's where plenty of the Nazis settled and worked.”

Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit Nazi

Germany scientists for employment by the U.S. after World War II (1939–45). It was executed by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) by circumventing President Truman’s anti-Nazi order, and the Allied Potsdam and Yalta agreements. JIOA created false employment and political biographies for the scientists. (Wikipedia)

Stated in Dupre's article, Censored Gulf news: State-sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt II) is: "According to Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins, co-authors ofThe Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century relatively few Nazi doctors and scientists responsible for German eugenic crimes were held accountable during Nuremberg Trials; only some found guilty. The

U.S. government brought some 12,000 of those key Nazis to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip. They quickly merged with US intelligence to form the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA that covertly steers the same and worse crimes against Americans and others."

Although only in his teens, Taylor sat next to Nazis in meetings. He sat at the table over dinner with Nazi scientists who spoke of performing experiments on Americans.

“We’d meet at the Mouse Trap Restaurant in Cape Canaveral. There was a lot of talk about their human experiments."

Taylor, now 67 years old said, "I remember them talking about giving LSD to people without them knowing to document the effects.

“One or two of them had been up in Maryland experimenting on inmates. They discussed how much better it was to use non-voluntary subjects and watch how they reacted. When a person knows they're in an experiment, they have more control over what’s happening then if they didn’t know.

“They’ve been looking for a way to put chemicals in water systems to control people for decades. Every country tries to find a way to incapacitate armies. They’d already tested LSD in Marine County’s water system back in the 50’ - 60’s. As I recall, that was part of the CIA's Operation Chaos.

Operation Chaos aimed to squelch the student antiwar movement. (See: Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with respect to Intelligence Activities: United States Senate - CIA Intelligence Collection about Americans)

"When I was a kid, they’d just touched on microwave energy. Ten years later, people had microwave ovens in their homes."

At age 17, in height of the “Cuban Crisis,“ Taylor joined the Marines, soon to be a Marine Corps criminal investigator.

“Like everyone else, I was wanting to be a good patriot and help save the world.”

For the next nine years, Taylor would witness the cruel and inhumane standard operative procedures conducted by the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, including in Vietnam.

Even as a child, Taylor's inquiring mind "made people angry," like the time he asked why a certain saint was not in the Bible. That inquiring mind and sense of morality later clashed with military intelligence duty, such as when his superiors ordered him to arrest innocent men so the world would think the perpetrators were caught as media portrayed.

“When someone would say to me, ‘This is getting too political. Go arrest this guy to take the heat off the operation,’ I said, ‘I can’t do that.’”

Seeing experimenting on inmates in Lexington was too much for Taylor.

“I saw inmates being experimented on and wanted to get out. I saw all kinds of things. A guy driven crazy with the experiments had scratched up his whole body, scratched up his whole face that was bleeding. And then they put him in a straight jacket and they were still experimenting on him.”

“I said, ‘You can’t do that,’ but they were experimenting on him when I left. Taylor soon resigned from the Marine Corp.

"I left because I felt I could more as a civilian," he stated.

“Men are always told it’s for the good of the nation and if we have to spare a few to save many, it’s justified. I know we are all created equal, so every life is important.”

Out of Marine Intelligence, Taylor worked for an attorney’s firm but that inquiring mind and morality drew him to establishing his own PI business to investigate crime,

Targeted Individuals

“Some very high-profile people are being targeted with remote weapons,” Taylor said, adding, “I’ve told some of them that they should come forward and talk to help a lot of other people.”

“If you knew some of the people who are targets that I’ve proven their cases – you’d be surprised. They usually end up with a settlement and agreement to halt the surveillance and injuries.

“One guy, I can’t tell you his name, but you know who he is – everyone knows who he is – came to me and said, ‘I think satellites are following me.’”

When Taylor’s prompt matter of fact response was, “Ok,” the man asked, “Don’t you think I’m crazy?” Taylor said “No. Let’s check it out.”

“As it turned out, in his case, it wasn’t a satellite. We found he was being tracked and monitored from an airplane platform. They’d spent a million dollars to build a system to track his every move. He was that important to them.”

“Many of them know if they come out and talk about targeting, they could lose credibility and bring huge financial deals down. People wouldn't trust them anymore."

How many bogus “Targeted individuals” have gone to Taylor?

“Very few,” he said. “Over all the years I’ve been taking these cases, only a handful were bogus. I can tell pretty quickly and let them go fast.”

Asked how many Targeted Individuals’ cases has Taylor taken, after a pause, he said, “Oh, through all these years in private practice, I’d say between 300 to 400.

“I have to turn people being targeted away every day. I just can’t take them all. There are too many. People just have no idea how many people are getting this.”

At one point, to try to better accommodate all the victims trying to survive this crime against Targeted Individuals, Taylor opened a Hotmail help line but found it too time consuming.

“There were so many legitimate cases, I couldn’t answer all the emails. I was spending all my time trying to answer the emails. My server quit working because the inbox was too full from people asking for help. I had to quit that.

“The saddest part of all this is that there are so many people being targeted who have no idea that’s what’s happening to them."

In terms of mind control, the techniques can be subtle or obvious according to Taylor, but the effect is the same, behavior control.

“What if you were reading a book and someone kept coming up behind you and tapping you on the head. Every time you start to read and concentrate, they come up and start tapping you on your head. You wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

“That’s one way this works remotely and how it is controlling people’s minds."

According to Taylor, “One of the worst things is people being targeted so they get sexually aroused. They begin to think they really are a sexual deviant.”

Taylor stated that one of the most tragic parts of the program is "watching its subjects self- destruct."

The above information is taken from a 2010 article by Deborah Dupré,“Secretly forced brain implants Pt III”, Dupré is a human rights activist with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities. Dupré welcomes emails: