Alternatives to a Psychotic Diagnosis

By B.L. Love, M.A.ED/Guidance Counseling

Table of Contents


1. Introduction 1

2. Possible Relevant Psychotic Terms 2

3. Surveillance 4

4. Stalking 7

5. Non – Lethal Weapons 10

6. Microwave Hearing 13

7. Silent Subliminal Messages 15

8. Behavior Modification 17

9. Weapons Use on Civilians 20

10. Who Would Do This? 24

11. Is This Experimentation? 25

12. Past Non – Consensual Experiments on Citizens 26

13. Why Haven’t We Known About These Weapons? 29

14. Availability of Weapons 32

15. Summary 34

16. Works Cited 39


There is a phenomenon being reported by numerous people across America, Europe and the world. A growing number of citizens are becoming aware of being stalked, surveilled and manipulated possibly by their own government or other agendas. The resulting symptoms include, but are not limited to, sleep disturbance, anxiety, hostility, aggression, depression, anger, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and cognitive problems.
Many are involuntarily admitted into mental institutions with such symptoms being diagnosed as a particular form of psychosis, such as schizophrenia or delusional disorder. I’m not questioning the presence of psychotic people in the world, but there are too many people complaining of stalking, surveillance and harassment for it to be psychosis in every case. So, what’s happening?
It is the goal of this paper to explore the existence of devices and activities that can easily trigger these symptoms and are reportedly being used on unaware and non-consenting citizens. It is also my hope to enlighten the medical, mental health and social professions so they consider examining the
following possibilities before they diagnose someone as psychotic.

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Possible Relevant Psychotic Terms

How a Mental Diagnosis is Made

Allen Frances, the chairman of the committee that created the 4th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the most used source book in the mental health system, admitted, “There are no objective tests in psychiatry that say definitively that someone does or does not have a mental disorder” and that the newer edition of the DSM (#5)
classifies all kinds of hormonal behaviors as mental illnesses.[1] In other words,
diagnosis is based on symptoms.


“Symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions and hallucinations, as well as hearing voices.”[2] Schizophrenics may also display trouble in concentrating and clear thought, being jumpy (anxious), lacking pleasure and emotion (depression), no following through and stopping to take care of themselves. “Because of the symptoms of schizophrenia most people stay in a paranoid or fearful state and have difficulty functioning in society.”[2]

Delusional Disorder

A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite greater evidence disproving it than supporting it. (a)Persecutory type of delusion is a subtype “that pertains to individuals with delusions involving the belief that they are being conspired against, spied or cheated on, poisoned or drugged, harassed or followed, or generally obstructed in the pursuit of long-term goals.” (b)Somatic type delusions involve people “who have delusions
involving bodily functions and/or sensations.”[3]

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“Hallucinations are defined as experiences and sensations that are not comprehensible to others. To the person experiencing them, however, they may seem real, urgent, and vivid.”[4] Hallucinations can be auditory (hearing voices, whispering, murmurs, sometimes urgent or angry), visual, olfactory (smell), or tactile (touch, i.e. feelings of movement or sensations such as hands or insects on the body).

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There are existing technologies and agendas that are available that affect a person’s well-being and behavior such as electronic surveillance, stalking, microwave hearing, silent subliminal messages, behavior modification and non- lethal weapons.

Electronic Surveillance


“Electronic surveillance is defined in Federal
Law as the nonconsensual acquisition by an
electronic, mechanical, or other surveillance device of the contents of any wire or electronic communication, under circumstances in which a party to the communication has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Examples of electronic surveillance include: wiretapping, bugging, videotaping, GPS, or cell-site data, data/mining, social media mapping, and the monitoring of data and traffic on the internet.”[5]
Surveillance is rampant in our country.

“They’re being watched in order to alter their behavior.”

“A May 2003 report by Toffler Associates (a global forecasting and consulting company) mentioned 24/7 ‘global persistent surveillance’ accomplished using all sources. According to the report, surveillance technology is to be used to make the targeted individual aware that they’re being watched in order to alter their behavior.”[6]
In 2013, The Guardian, a British daily newspaper and website committed to journalism free from commercial or political interference, reported “NSA (National Security Agency) whistleblower Edward Snowden was exposing
PRISM surveillance program, an expanded version of Stellar Wind run by the

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NSA and nine ‘friendly’ social network providers – Microsoft, Yahoo, Google,
Facebook, Paltalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple.”[7]
Regarding the Global Positioning Systems in our lives: “We’ve installed this Satellite-based technology, which is funded and operated by none other than the US Department of Defense, in everything from our phones to our cars to our pets.”[8]
“Cell phones tethered to microwave towers are perfect tracking devices for interception and eavesdropping with taxpayers again paying for their own surveillance.”[9]
“In July 2012, it was revealed that cell phone carriers responded to an astonishing 1.3 million requests from police agencies for personal information taken from people’s cell phones. Cell phone companies actually make a handsome profit from selling the details of your private life to the government (AT&T collected $8.3 million in 2013 for their surveillance activities).”[10]
“Fusion centers, which integrate local police and federal intelligence agencies, are a driving force behind the governments’ quest to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on American citizens.”[11]
Fusion centers grew dramatically between the fiscal years of 2004 and
2008 with the help of more than $327 million in taxpayer-provided funding.[12]
“In its ‘Military Expands Intelligence Role in US’ article of Jan 14, 2007, The New York Times similarly noted an aggressive expansion by the military, CIA, and FBI into domestic intelligence gathering.”[13]
Following the attacks on 9/11, President Bush had authorized illegal wiretaps[14] by passing the Patriot Act on October 26, 2001 (see Department of Justice, The USA Patriot Act) that vastly expanded the government’s authority to spy on its own citizens in numerous ways.
Jim Guest, former Representative (R-MO) and retired aerospace engineer, wrote the members of the Missouri Legislature asking for help for the many “who are being affected unjustly by electronic weapons torture and covert
harassment groups.” He asked them to help stop “the massive movement in

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the use of Verichip and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies in
tracking Americans.”[15]
NOTE – The New York Times on June 22, 2018, reported that “the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the government generally needs a warrant to collect troves of location data about the customers of cell phone companies.
. . . The decision made exceptions for emergencies like bomb threats and child
National Public Radio legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg in her article states, “While Friday’s decision may limit the governments’ access to cellphone data, it has no impact on the ability of private companies to amass, use and sell their customers’ information. That is because the Fourth Amendment only limits government conduct, not private conduct.”
She also writes, “Only Congress, in enacting legislation, can limit how private companies amass and use information.”[17]

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“…cause a reasonable person to feel fear.”

In January 2008, the US Department of Justice publicized its survey “Stalking Victimization in the United States.” They defined stalking “as a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would
cause a reasonable person to feel fear.”
Some of the survey results are as follows.

“An estimated 3.4 million people were victims of stalking while another 2.4 were victims of harassment.”

While many of the victims were stalked by someone they were acquainted with, one in ten victims were stalked and harassed by people unknown to them.”

“Approximately 1 in 4 victims reported some form of cyberstalking such as emails (83%) or instant messaging (35%). Other forms used were blogs, chat rooms, computer software, video/digital cameras, bugs, GPS.”

“About 130,000 victims reported that they had been fired from or

asked to leave their jobs because of the stalking.”

“Over half of these victims had financial accounts opened or closed in their names or money taken from their accounts, and 3 in 10 of these victims had items charged to their credit cards without their consent.”[18]

Another study, published in The American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2006, found “that individuals who were never married, separated, widowed, or divorced experienced significantly higher rates of stalking than

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those individuals living with a partner.” The study also reported “about 50% of victims perceived no change in stalking, or harassment after police were contacted.”[19]
Celebrity journalist Ronan Farrow discovered a company called “Black Cube” that specialized in fully managing and executing organized stalking companies at the direction of its clients, Harvey Weinstein being just one of them. “Black Cube” openly offer their organized stalking services online.[20] is another similar website.
From a KION Central (West) Coast News report: “The news report included an interview with Santa Cruz, California Police Lieutenant Larry Richard, who explicitly admits organized stalking is a real phenomenon that has been occurring for a long time.”[21]
The following is information taken from a sworn affidavit dated April 26,
2011 in Los Angeles, California, by Ted L. Gunderson. It was used in Mr. Keith
Labella’s action against the FBI and DOJ.[22]
Previous to his work as a private investigator, Gunderson spent nearly three decades in the FBI including, but not limited to: Supervisor at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., Chief Inspector at FBI headquarters, Senior Special Agent in charge of the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI with over 700 employees, and with over a 22 million dollar budget.
Gunderson States:
(Who’s Doing It)
“I firmly believe that most individuals working in the FBI, other
intelligence agencies, and the government overall are honest, law abiding public servants. However, a sophisticated network of rogue operatives has secretly infiltrated the FBI, other intelligence agencies including the CIA, and other key government positions. This rogue element seeks personal power and wealth
and considers themselves above the law and the Constitution.
“In addition to high-ranking members of the FBI, other intelligence services, and the government overall, wealthy, powerful members of criminal

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syndicates, multi-millionaires and the corporate elite are using the government gang stalking program to harass enemies.
“The FBI and other intelligence agencies are administering and covering
up rogue, covert, government criminal enterprises of gang stalking.”
(Who the Victims Are)
“The victims are targeted for a variety of reasons including government and corporate whistleblowers, parties to financial and employment disputes, parties to marital disputes (usually divorced women), and jilted paramours.” Unfortunately, persons of convenience are also selected.
“Journalists covering controversial issues, and even attorneys and private investigators representing unpopular clients or interests, have been targeted by this program.”
(How it is Financed)
“This program’s operations are financed by illegal black operations, i.e. narcotics, prostitution, child kidnapping (children sell at covert auctions for up to $50,000 per child), human trafficking, gambling and other rackets.”[22] It does not need to be an illegal source of finance. Anybody with the means can pay someone to stalk an innocent person.
A New York Times article reported that in San Francisco, “The people who called into the help hotlines and domestic violence shelters said they felt as if they were going crazy. Their stories are part of a new pattern of behavior in domestic abuse cases, tied to the rise of smart home technology. Internet- connected locks, speakers, thermostats, lights and cameras that have been marketed as the newest conveniences are now also being used as a means for harassment, monitoring, revenge and control. Abusers – using apps on their smartphones which are connected to the Internet – enabled devices – remotely controlled everyday objects in the home, sometimes to watch and listen, other
times to scare or show power.”[23]

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Non–Lethal Weapons

What else could cause a person to exhibit psychotic-like symptoms? Dangerous weapons originally created by the military for war are called “non– lethal weapons.”
There are some who claim that non-lethal weapons, originally developed by and for the military are being utilized in tortuous ways. Some who make these assertions are our brightest and smartest, such as William Binney, a whistleblower who worked at NSA for 30 years, Karen Stewart, an NSA whistleblower who spent 28 years with NSA as an Intelligence Analyst and Barrie Trower, a British physicist and military specialist. Are they delusional, paranoid, or schizophrenic?


The Department of Defense defines non-lethal weapons (NLW) as “weapons that are explicitly designed and primarily employed so as to incapacitate personnel or material, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel and undesired damage to property and environment. … They employ means other than gross physical destruction to prevent the target
from functioning.”[24] The people whom they are directed at are called “targets.”
Most technologies are classified, but some unclassified include the following:
1. Psychological Operations
2. Directed Energy Weapons
3. Biological/Chemical Warfare
4. Communications/Information Warfare

“Psychological Operat ions (PsyOp) are a planned process of conveying messages to a target audience (TA) to promote certain attitudes, emotions and behavior. PsyOp is basically the use of communication to influence behavior.”

Messages embedded in movies and music are some examples. “Most

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information pertaining to PsyOp is classified.”[25]
A book published in 2000 by the Department of Defense’s C4SI Cooperative Research Program, entitled Network Center Warfare: Developing and Leveraging Information Superiority, mentioned that “information operations (PsyOp) will be conducted entirely in the civilian sector where the military will be working closely with civilians.”
The Joint Chiefs of Staff categorizes PsyOp as a non-lethal weapon.[26]

Directed Energy Weapons is defined by the Department of Defense (DOD) in the Electronic Warfare Publication as such: “DE (directed energy) is an umbrella term covering technologies that produce a beam of concentrated EM (electro-magnetic) energy or atomic/subatomic particles. A DE weapon is a system using DE primarily as a direct means to damage or destroy adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel.”

The basic types are lasers, microwaves, and acoustic weapons. They are silent, virtually undetectable by casual observation, and offer the military plausible deniability of their use.
(For complete overview of military weapons, go to 2018 Directed Energy Educational Outreach, put out by the Directed Energy Professional Society ( Also see Mark M. Rich’s excellent book New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control for his listing of weapons developed by the military and what they do (Pg. 119-185). This book is also free online at Something else to look at is the Department of Defense’s Non-Lethal Weapons Program (

Biological/Chemical Warfare “Chemicals,” explained by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), “may be easily dispersed to deliver effects to groups and individuals. The most common methods used to enter the body are inhalation or absorption through the skin.”[27]

“Biological attacks include infecting people with viruses that cause
disease and injury.”[28]

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On PBS’s “Plague War” series in October of 1998, Dr. Christopher Davis, former Defense Intelligence Staff in the UK, announced, “We also have the possibility of targeting specific ethnic groups of specific genetic subtypes, if you like, of the population.”

Communication/Information Warfare “Computer Network Operators (CNO), also called network operations, are information warfare attacks used to deceive, degrade, disrupt, or exploit an adversaries’ [sic] electronic information infrastructure. The attacks include the physical destruction of a computer or the corruption of its software (Operating System Programs). Other communications systems can be attacked as well.”[29]

The Defense Science Board, an advisory committee to the DOD, mentioned that “some attacks could be achieved through remote access, which would allow disruption of an enemies computer.”[29]
“NetOp attacks may include spoofing, which NATO says is used as a NLW
to mislead an adversary using faked or altered information.”[29]

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Microwave Hearing (Hearing Voices)

One of the hallmark symptoms that distinguish between the mentally normal and mentally ill is the presence of voices in the head or auditory hallucinations. There are weapons that can direct sound onto a person. “Microwave hearing” refers to the production of auditory hearing or auditory hallucination. There are many patents that prove microwave hearing.
A microwave voice transmission non-lethal weapon is referenced in the thesaurus of the Center for Army Lessons Learned, which is a military instruction website. It also lists analogous devices using silent sound.[30]
The US Army in its “Bioeffects of Selected Non-lethal Weapons” document states that the use of this technology could be psychologically devastating.
A 1980 NASA document (NASA abstract report number AD-A090426, June
1, 1980) stated that “one can remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created.”
In June 1980, Kenneth J. Oscar, PhD of the US Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command in Virginia states, “When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as buzzing, clicking or hissing, which seems to originate (regardless of the persons position in the field) within or just behind the head.”[31]
In his 1962 report “Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy,” which appears in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Dr. Frey, a notable contributor to the early development of microwave hearing, described how microwave hearing was demonstrated using a microwave transmitter that projected several hundred feet. The system was wireless and receiverless, and the sounds were even heard by the deaf.”[32]
John J. McMurtrey, M.S., in his research paper “Microwave Bioeffect
Congruence with Schizophrenia” found that studies of both conditions report:

Page 13

“Short-term and spatial memory deficit, time estimation changes, deficits in sequencing, coordination deficit, numerous electrophysiologic changes, startle decrease, neurotransmitter changes, hormone alterations, immune alterations, mitochondria deficits, lipid phosphorylation decrease, lipid peroxidation, deleterious histologic change in disease, reduced brain areas,
activation of hallucination involved brain areas and ocular disease.”[33]

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Silent Subliminal Messages


Silent subliminal messages are powerful subliminal messages that can be transmitted by infrasound (just below human hearing) directly to the subconscious mind to influence thought and emotions with no conscious filtering.

”...completely demoralized them and instilled perceptual feeling of fear...”

The U.S. Army Military Review Dec. 1980 EPI6022 report “The New Mental Battlefield” describes this technology as “thought induction techniques.” In the report Lt. Colonel John B. Alexander of the US Army, one of the prime movers behind the advanced development of non-lethal weapons, states, “The unique factor is that the recipient will not be aware that thoughts have been implanted from an external source. He or she will believe the thoughts are (their) original.”[34]
Subliminal mind-control is considered a non-lethal weapon.
The Whole Brain Learning Institute (WBLI), creator of products like Brainstorm, Brainstream, and Brainspeak, mentions how the use of Silent Sound by the US Department of Defense during the first Gulf War resulted in the surrender of many Iraqi soldiers.
“Although completely silent to the human ear,” reported the British ITV News on March 23, 1991, “the negative voice messages were clearly perceived by the subconscious minds of the Iraqi soldiers and the silent messages completely demoralized them and instilled a perceptual feeling of fear and hopelessness.”[35]
Dr. Smirnov, the father of psychotropic weapons in Russia, helped develop mind control technologies. In an article in Pravda, he discusses the ability to create a “Manchurian Candidate” by splitting a personality. He said:

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“As a result of such outside influences, a person’s ‘self’ gets totally blocked. Instead another self is being created. That second identity in turn can have a number of various programmed urges, such as killing oneself.” He discusses “the use of masked subliminals and other means for bypassing the conscious mind and directly influencing the subconscious.”[36]


A June 4, 2018 article in the Washington Post speaks to the possibility of Sirhan Sirhan being under the influence of hypnosis when he fired at Bobby Kennedy. A Harvard professor, David P. Brown, with vast expertise in forensic psychiatry and hypnosis stated the following in his affidavit:
“He was a true Manchurian candidate; hypno-programmed into carrying out a violent political act without knowing it. Mister Sirhan is one of the most hypnotizable individuals I ever met.”
The article also states, “Alan Scheflin, an expert in mind and behavior control, in his book The Mind Manipulators, found that ‘the CIA showed it was possible to create hypnotized subjects for purposes of assassination.’”[37]
NOTE – Is it possible that any of our present shooters who’ve “gone postal” could have been influenced in such a way?

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Behavior Modification

The goal of behavior modification is to take over a person’s inner most
thought and control his or her behaviors and actions.
Lt. Colonel Alexander continues in his report “The New Mental Battlefield:
‘Beam me up Spock’” in the US Army Military Review, Dec. 1980 EPI 6022,
“Mind-altering techniques designed to impact opponents are well advanced.
The procedures employed include manipulation of human behavior through the use of psychological weapons affecting sight, sound, smells, temperature, electromagnetic energy or sensory deprivation.”
He further states that “diseased conditions could be transferred from one organism to another over distances using the diseased energetic states as the carrier of the disease. The disease would have no ‘normal cause’.”
From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Sept, Oct. 1994, “The Soft Kill Fallacy” by Steve Aftergood, a specialist in physics, and Barbara Hatch- Rosenburg, PhD, a molecular biology research professor, page 45, regarding non-lethal weapons, states:
“The weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding, interference with mental processes, modification of behaviors, emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various ways.”
Famed mind control researcher Jose Delgado, a scientist at Yale University of Science and Medicine, in his 1969 book Physical Control of the Mind: Toward

a Psychocivilized Society, pg. 116, says regarding electrical stimulation of the brain:

“In summary these weapons have the ability to mentally and physically torture people and to influence psychological behavior, with or without the targets’ knowledge or awareness.”
In 1956, the Department of Defense directed the Armed Forces to investigate the biological effects of exposure to radiofrequency/microwave

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(RF/MW) exposure radiation. Regarding behavior they found:
“RF/MW radiation can cause disturbance in the central nervous system of a living organism. . . . In assessing the biological effects, it was found that behavior was the most sensitive biological component to RF/MW
In Sept. 2006, the Associated Press reported how the US Air Force announced that “directed energy weapons will be used on citizens.”
In the June/July 1987 issue of Peace Magazine, former Congressman
James Scheur (R-NY) is quoted as saying:
“We are developing devices and products capable of controlling violent individuals and entire mobs without injury. We can tranquilize, impede, immobilize, harass, shock, upset, chill, temporarily blind, deafen, or just plain scare the wits out of anyone the police have a proper need to control and restrain.”
The Navy Medical Research Institute did a research report on the
“Biological Effects of Microwave and Radio-frequency Radiation.”[39] I recommend reading all the many effects, but I will just list the psychological disorders.
1. Neurasthenia (general ‘bad’ feeling)
2. Depression
3. Impotence
4. Anxiety
5. Lack of Concentration
6. Hypochondria
7. Dizziness
8. Hallucinations
9. Sleepiness
10. Insomnia
11. Increased Irritability
12. Decreased Appetite

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13. Loss of Memory
14. Scalp Sensations
15. Increased Fatigability
16. Chest Pain
17. Tremor of Hands
In his book, Psychotronic Galgotha, N.I. Anisimov, a Russian author and expert on Russian Psychotronic Mind Control, lists a few behavioral effects of these weapons.

Kill at a distance, imitating or causing any chronic illness.

They can make a person a criminal or irresponsible.

Create aviation, railroad, or automobile accidents in a matter of seconds.

Control the behavior of people and any biological object.

Change the world view of the population

A now famous social experiment in 2012 by Facebook manipulated the emotional responses of 689,003 users without those users’ knowledge. Researchers wanted to examine how emotions, both positive and negative, can spread on social media. Facebook is not alone. “Google and Yahoo also watch how users interact with search results or news articles to adjust what is shown.”[40]
Most frightening of all, “All personalities can be induced and entrained
into another human being.”[41]

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Weapons Used on Civilians

In the news recently, we have become aware of the possibility of weapons used on civilians. Earlier incidents have also been reported.

Cuban Diplomats

Doctors who studied the diplomats on a second time made the following statements.[42]

“In the Autumn of 2016, diplomatic personnel residing in Havana began to present with symptoms of dizziness, ear pain and tinnitus that emerged after perception of high frequency noise and/or a pressure sensation.”

“All of the individuals noted unsteadiness and features of

cognitive impairment.”

“Most commonly reported neuro-behavioral complaints included decreased clarity of thought or ‘cognitive fog’, inattention, problems retrieving information on demand especially under distracting conditions, and increased irritability and anxiety as well as overall greater difficulty regulating emotion.”

“It would be imprudent to exclude any potential directed or

non-directed energy sources at this time.”
“In a statement, the US State Department on Sunday [Sept. 2,
2018?] neither confirmed nor denied the possibility that microwaves were
behind the diplomatic injuries.”[43]

Chinese Diplomats

Josh Lederman for NBC News reported that “Catherine Werner’s (a US diplomat in China) health began declining in late 2017 – vomiting, headaches, loss of balance.”

Page 20

The report stated, “Catherine Werner’s mother, Laura Hughes, went to visit her out of concern. Soon, she too, developed headaches, nausea and problems concentrating. She was bumping into furniture, struggling to recall words and vomiting for no reason. Even Catherine’s dogs regurgitated blood.
“Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania found a vision disorder, balance disorder, and ‘an organic brain injury’ – a diagnosis similar to those of
26 US Diplomats and spies in Cuba who started hearing strange sounds and feeling ill in late 2016.”
Lederman continued, “Equally unsettling to the diplomatic evacuees: suspected incidents of harassment and break-ins they say have occurred since returning to the States. Others reported being conspicuously followed.’”[44]

Canadian Diplomats

Bruce Campion-Smith in the Toronto Star reports that some Canadian diplomats are suffering similar symptoms in Cuba as the American diplomats.[45]

Greenham Protesters

On March 10, 1986, The Guardian states in an article called “Peace Women Fear Electronic Zapping at Base,” that “About 40 people experienced headache, dizziness, an inability to concentrate, and memory loss after protesting outside a US military base in England.
“Doctors are compiling a report on the condition of a number of Greenham Common Peace Women who have symptoms which are consistent with known neurophysiological effects of electromagnetic waves, or low-level radiation.”[46]

Brazilian Ambassador

The Guardian, on Oct. 25, 2009, reported the following about the then

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s experience while in the Brazilian

Page 21

Embassy: “He claims he is being subject to an electron bombardment with microwaves, which produces headaches and organic destabilization.”
“Beside the microwave bombardment, Zelaya also complains about the
devices blocking mobile phone signals.”[47]

Laser Weapon Used in County Jail

On Aug 21, 2010, NBC stated: “Guards at the Los Angeles County Jail complex in Castaic will start using a newfangled weapon that produces a deep burning sensation…[48]
“‘The 7 ½ foot tall ‘Assault Intervention Device’, which sheriffs’ deputies demonstrated Friday at the Pitchess Detention Center, emits an invisible beam that causes an unbearable sensation’, reported the Daily News. [48]
“The device was developed by Raytheon. ‘No one can stand being in the beam’s path for more than about three seconds’, Mike Booen of Raytheon told daily News. [48]
“The device is being evaluated for a period of six months by the
National Institute of Justice for use in jails nationwide.”[48]

U.S. Embassy in Moscow

From the 1960’s through the 1970’s, “There were news and intelligence reports of microwave beams being directed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.”
“President Nixon went to the USSR in 1971. Members of his party showed abnormal behavior including crying and depression.”[49]
NOTE – “In 2016 and 2017, 10 European organizations tried to convince
the European Parliament and the European Commission to enact the

Page 22

legislation that would ban the remote control of activity of the human nervous system, since pulsed microwaves could be used to manipulate the human nervous system at a distance at present time already. Then, in 2017, 19 world organizations addressed the G20 meeting with the same proposal. They
received no positive response to their effort.”[50]

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Who Would Do This?

It is now clear that the technology is out there. We can surmise that anyone with bad intentions can do it. But, who can these criminals be? These are all possibilities.
As Ted L. Gunderson also states in his affidavit:
“A sophisticated network of rogue operatives has secretly infiltrated the FBI, other intelligence agencies including the CIA and other key government positions.” Also, “wealthy, powerful members of criminal syndicates, multi- millionaires and the corporate elite….”[51]
Dr. James Canton, a future technology advisor for three White House Administrations, in his presentation at the Pentagon briefing on the Cuba “Health Attacks” 2018-09-07 shares his view of possible scenarios for those attacks. They are “fragmented sovereign, terrorist clinical trial, rogue actor practice, Asset for Hire advertising, Dark Network show of force, geopolitical payback, profit or research.” Canton states, “80% of the bad guys are doing it
for some kind of profit.”[52]

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Is This Experimentation?

Some think we are being experimented on with these weapons. Citizens don’t want to believe that our government would allow this to occur, but unfortunately my research has shown that this is indeed a possibility.
In 2007, NBC News quoted the Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne: “Non-lethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens in crowd control situations before they are used on the battlefield.[53]
“Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions in the international community over any possible safety concerns. [53]
“If we’re not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we
should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation.”[53]
In his book Mind Wars: Brain Research and Unwitting Subjects, Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD, bioethicist at University of Pennsylvania, five years after 9/11 defended human experimentation with “nonlethals.” He stated, “NLWS (non- lethal weapons) involve human perception and behavior so they must be tested
on humans.”

Page 25

Past Non-Consensual Experiments on Citizens

dismissed as


The possibility of experimentation becomes more plausible if we review some past experiments on uninformed citizens, the most well-known being the Tuskegee experiments conducted by the United States
Public Health Service between 1932 and 1972.
The United States Department of Health and Human Services has been implicated in cold
war-era human experimentation on US citizens for weapons development.
“We have identified hundreds of radiological, chemical and biological tests and experiments in which hundreds of thousands of people were used as test subjects. The tests and experiments were conducted to support weapon development programs.”[54]

Radiation Experiments

N.Y. Times, “Radiation Tests Used Some Healthy People” by Philip J Hilts, Jan 19, 1995. “Some patients injected with small amounts of radioactive substances in experiments at the University of Rochester at the dawn of the atomic age were not terminally ill, according to documents unearthed by a presidential panel. . . . The panel also said patients were not informed of the experiments. . . . At least 9 patients at other universities and hospitals around the country received similar single injections of radioactive substances.

“According to the plan written in September 1945 by Dr. Wright Larham, who headed the study, ‘It is of primary importance that the subjects have relatively normal kidney and liver function, as it is desirable to obtain a metabolic picture comparable to that of an active worker.’”[55]
A committee appointed by President Clinton, Jan 15th, 1994, found that during the 1944-1974 period, the government conducted several hundred releases of radiation into the environment for research purposes.[56]

Page 26

New York Times Magazine, 8-31-97, pg. 38, stated, “For decades, those who claimed to be victims of clandestine radiation experiments conducted by the United States Government were dismissed as ‘paranoid.’”

Mustard Gas Experiments on Military Personnel

“In 1943, the US Navy exposed its own sailors to mustard gas. Officially, the Navy was testing the effectiveness of new clothing and gas masks against the deadly gas that had proven so terrifying in the first world war. The participants, almost all of whom suffered external and internal burns, were ignored by the Navy.”[57]
“According to the ‘Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics’, The Department of War did not classify the tests as human experiments; therefore, consent was not necessary and many men were directly ordered to participate.”[58]
In 1991, the reports were finally declassified and taken before Congress.

Testicle Implants on Prison Inmates

“From 1913 to 1951, Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at San Quentin, used prisoners as test subjects. . . . In one particularly disturbing experiment, he performed testicle transplants on living prisoners using testicle from executed prisoners and in some cases, from goats and boars.”[59]

Guatemala Experiment on Citizens

“Beginning in 1946, the United States government immorally and unethically—and, arguably, illegally—engaged in research experiments in which more than 5000 uninformed and unconsenting Guatemalan people were intentionally infected with bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases. Many have been left untreated to the present day.”[60] In 2010, the
United States issued a formal apology for the experiments.

Page 27

MK Ultra Drug Experiments

Project MK Ultra was the CIA’s program of research in Behavioral Modification. Regarding MK Ultra Sub Project 3, “The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an
‘extensive testing and experimentation program’ which included covert drug testing on unwitting citizens on all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.” [61]
“In San Francisco and New York, unconsenting [sic] subjects were lured to safehouses by prostitutes on the CIA payroll, unknowingly given LSD and other mind-altering substances and monitored from behind one-way glass.”[61]

Page 28

W hy Have n ’t W e Known A bo ut T he se W ea po ns?

Deny It

In an article called “The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War” Stephen Metz, PhD, Director of Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College, and James Kievit, a research analyst at the Strategic Studies Institute, state, “The use of new technology may also run counter to basic American values. The advantage of directed-energy weapons over conventional ones is deniability. Deniability must be aimed at the American people...”[62]
The CIA’s Inspector General wrote in 1957 regarding the MK Ultra Drug Experiments, “Precautions must be taken not only to protect the operation from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission.”[63]

Neutralize Them

The British investigative journalist and author Gordon Thomas claims that many scientists, many of whom were involved in bioweapons research, have died under questionable circumstances.[64] One well known case was Dr. Frank Olson.
In November 2012, Karen McVeigh reports in The Guardian, “Bioweapons expert Dr. Frank Olson died in 1953, nine days after he was given LSD by agency officials without his knowledge. . . . Olson’s sons Eric and Nils claim their father was murdered after he witnessed extreme interrogations in which the CIA killed suspects using the biological agents he had developed. . . . Olson’s body was exhumed in 1993 and a forensic scientist, James Starrs, concluded that he had probably been struck on the head and then thrown out the window.”[65]
There are some schools of thought that claim when an individual is too close to revealing these programs, they are considered a threat in one way or
another and neutralized through a concept known as targeting, which includes

Page 29

the use of weapons and including death. Some who have died under “suspicious circumstances” include:

Senator Ted Kennedy who was working on legislation for targeted individuals.

Dr. Fred Bell, a radio host and whistleblower on non-lethal weapons.

Dr. Rauni Kilde, former medical doctor for Finland and whistleblower on mind

control technology.

“…label people with a mental disorder who complain about . . . electronic attacks.”

Court action is also used to try to discourage whistleblowers. Other tactics include blackmail and buying their silence.

Commit Them

Another way to silence victims is to have them involuntarily committed
to a mental institution. This technique was widely used in Russia. “To deny that involuntary hospitalization is a form of covert social control, [New York psychiatrist] Dr. [Ron] Leifer states, ‘seems absurd and dishonest, approaching fraud. Most psychiatrists are aware, and will admit in private, that involuntary hospitalization is a form of social control, but they deny it in public, insisting it
is necessary for medical treatment of mentally ill people.’”[66]
Dr. Rauni Kilde, former medical doctor for Finland, and other experts imply mental professionals are trained to label people with a mental disorder who complain about gang stalking and electronic attacks.[67]

Discredit Them

British investigative journalist Gordon Thomas states, “Countries around the world, including the US, have used doctors to help abuse and discredit people, often for political reasons.”[68]

Page 30

Do Not Discuss

“In Internal State Department instructions received by NBC News, workers in Cuba and China were told not to discuss what they know with the public, with reporters or social media.”[69]
In the Boston Globe, 7-7-89, then reporter Larry Collins asked the Director of the CIA “Can we influence the human emotions and behavior? Are there or were such experiments now going on?” William Casey, Director, CIA, replied “This is not a subject we’re going to discuss with you or anyone else.”

Censored Documents

In the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist article entitled “The Soft-Kill Fallacy,” Sept/Oct 1994, page 43, Steve Aftergood wrote, “The concept of non-lethal weapons is not new; the term appears in heavily censored CIA documents dating from the 1960’s.”

Media “Cover Stories”

Steve Aftergood continues, “A security manual for special access programs authorizes contractors to employ ‘cover stories’ to disguise their activities. The only condition, is that ‘cover stories’ must be believable.”[70]
George Lardner in a 1992 Washington Post article, states: “In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”[71]

Classify It

There’s always the “National Security” excuse. For examples go to There is some validity to that, but a weapon that can be used in secret lends itself to abuse by unethical individuals in position of power. Is that
happening to us?

Page 31

Availability of Weapons

In a September 6, 2018 article in National Defense Magazine titled “Exclusive: Doctors Reveal Details of Neuro-Weapon Attacks in Havana” by Stew Magnusor, the team of three experts state: “Neuro-weapons are an emerging but little understood threat, that is compounded by the ease in which they can be purchased on the Internet.”
Here is a list of some of the weapons available online. To protect the
public, I won’t reveal the sites.

Sonic Nausea

“A small electronic acoustic generating device which can cause headaches, intense irritation, sweating, imbalance, and nausea. It is a compact civilian version of the government model ‘Sonic Assault’.”

Sonic Assault

“Deployed near a podium, you might just have a case of an increasingly
unfocused speaker with diminished sharpness and concentration.”

TV Attacker

“It turns the TV off at random intervals ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, interrupting nearly every program.”

Audio Spotlight by Holosonics

This is a remote audio delivery device. “Since 2000, thousands of Audio Spotlight systems have been installed in a wide range of applications around the world. Examples are museums, exhibits, kiosks, and retail stores. Only the
victimized subjects hear it.”

Page 32

Active Denial

“There is a homemade Active Denial system, already used by police, which produces a high-energy Radio Frequency (RF) beam to rapidly heat the outside layer of the skin (up to around 130 degrees Fahrenheit), causing the target to flee the area.”
NOTE – Let’s say you have a dispute with your neighbors or revengeful ex- spouse, would you want one of these in his/her possession?

“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

Page 33


Do you think this all sounds like science fiction? You bet. There’s a quote
by Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuham:
“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret
by public incredulity.”
It is now clear these programs do exist and are capable of inducing the following mental illness symptoms, which could be labeled by psychiatrists as psychotic:
Sleep Disturbance
Anxiety Hostility Aggression Depression Anger Hallucinations Delusions Paranoia
Cognitive Problems
In the modern world, if you could evoke these symptoms, it could be used to silence people by mimicking mental illness. Once a person is designated abnormal, all his/her behavior and characteristics are covered by that label . . . forever. Who will then listen to them?
It has been my observation from listening to those who feel they are experiencing harassment that they were once contributing members of society, leading normal lives with no incidence of mental illness until one of these programs was initiated against them. They themselves, and often those closest to them, can pinpoint a specific time in their lives when symptoms of harassment first occurred. One of the indicators is a sudden onset of symptoms
that occur without normal life stressors, which would support an emotional or

Page 34

psychotic breakdown.
You say, “Why should I care? How does this affect me?” Patterns show it could happen to anyone, people in all walks of life from the prominent to the homeless. The victims complain they receive no help from any level of society or infrastructure.
What if any of this was done to you, without your knowledge, consent, or ability to seek help causing you to experience mental and physical pain producing fear, confusion and a feeling of helplessness? What would you do? How would you appear to others?
If you know someone who insists this is happening to them, don’t automatically discount them as delusional. Consider they may be a victim of one or more of these programs.
“Witchcraft to the ignorant . . . simple science to the learned.” Quote by
science fiction writer Leigh Brackett

It could happen to you!

Page 35

DISCLAIMER – The author has neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any alleged or real loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by the information contained in this article.
Websites where much of this information was found and included within the works cited are being taken down.
AUTHORS PERMISSION – All rights reserved. This article, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author.
Published July 4, 2019

Page 36


This is dedicated to Justin Holmik, a victim of microwave hearing, a technology that is so powerful one can be compelled to commit suicide.
This is also dedicated to all those who have passed on as a consequence of these immoral programs and to those who presently struggle to survive in hopes of witnessing the day the existence of their plight is believed, advancing
their freedom from this criminal activity.

Page 37

B. L. Love, has earned a B.S. ED. Degree as well as a M.A. ED./Guidance
Counseling degree in 1970.
After hearing many accounts of unjustified, involuntary commitments, she has for years pursued investigating this topic in an endeavor to enlighten the public on possible covert external influences capable of affecting one’s behavior.

Page 38

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